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ไรซ์ บัดดี้ "Rise Buddy", the idea of ??delicious Thai rice, in 'Healthy Junk Foods' style

"Rise Buddy", the idea of ??delicious Thai rice, in 'Healthy Junk Foods' style for people in all ages

In the eyes of the world, Thailand is considered as an important landmark for many famous dishes, if you see the Hall of Fame of delicious food around the world, believe that the name of the Thai food is definitely show, especially the main dish, such as 'Thai rice', which is can be both a menu and high-quality ingredients, outstanding in terms of flavor, aroma and benefits, this wonderful feature make Thai rice be transformed to be more varied, especially one brand ownerthat broke down the original cookbook rules to change Thai rice to be 'Healthy Junk Foods', challenge the old concept of Junk Foods that everyone turns away to become "Rise Buddy", a healthy snack that everyone in all ages can eat anywhere, anytime.

The deliciousness and aroma of Rise Buddy is created from the unique innovation of 'Wide Faith Foods Co., Ltd.', start from the process of grinding & mixing, kneading & forming, baking, mixing seasonings and packages. Every step is blended with meticulousness. Both selecting quality raw materials,checking the availability of machines,moisture monitoring and controlling the size of the snack, these specialties thing have made Rise Buddy become the crispy snack that has 100% flavor of Thai rice, mixed with delicious ingredients selected from natural ingredients and MSG free , transfat free , uses rice bran oil in a volume that is less than 10% to be as a "Healthy Junk Foods" that special and distinctive.

"The snack made from rice is a lot, but those snacks are usually as thick and without taste as they should be and not taking into account the amount of saturated fat and sodium, finally, it's just another Junk Foods, which 'Rise Buddy' is different. Every step, every process is designed with attention to consumers,we are able to create a healthy rice snack that is thinner, crisper and more delicious," said Mr.Oliver Yeh, owner of Rice Snack, Rise Buddy.

Meticulousness in every process of production of Rise Buddy make the three production bases of Wide Faith Foods Co., Ltdbecome the few factories in Asia which has received AA grade, certification from the UK Retail Consortium (BRC) and has received Gluten Free, Halal, GMP and Thailand Quality Trust Mark, EU & NOP Organic that made 'Wide Faith Foods Co., Ltd become a recognized company in more than 10 countries in China, USA, Australia, New Zealand and others. Reinforcing that 'Rise Buddy' is specialty and can be the answer of Healthy Junk Foods, the snack that healthy for people of all ages, literally.

Prove the thinness, crispness, deliciousness and health with "Rise Buddy", a new healthy Junk Foods style, available on the Gourmet Market, foodland, Tang Hua Seng, Tsuruha and other leading superiors nationwide.

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