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ไรซ์ บัดดี้ RISE BUDDY x POORBOY LIFE New graffiti landmark from the heart of Ton-Kasemwit


New graffiti landmark from the heart of young artists Ton-Kasemwit

If anyone has a passion for paintings and colored lines that have been written on the wall or the artists call it 'graffiti', probably having seen the furry monkey character, skateboard enthusiasts that leaves the forest to live in the middle of a busy city, ready to share daily life stories and social events through a unique line pattern and expressing emotion clearly, many emotions, both fun and cheerful, relaxed, independent, that make people who like to the life of a furry monkey or POORBOY LIFE follows this more than 5,000 Follows.

POORBOY LIFE is a character created by Khun Ton-Kasemwit Chiwiwat, tells the story of the life of POORBOY by Khun Ton, using this furry monkey to represent his own life, from being a young person who love graffiti, traveling from the provinces into the big city like POORBOY because 'when the forest is threatened by humans until there is no enough nature, this monkey had to escape into the city.' In addition, the POORBOY monkeys will make your character's favorite character of the fans. Now, POORBOY has also been crossover with 'Rise Buddy', rice snack of people of all ages, to make fun with graffiti, create a new adventure for fans to start it together at Chalermla Park, Street ART Graffiti and Platform, grass slope, food court.

The RISE BUDDY x POORBOY LIFE project starts with Rise Buddy's campaign, called #KHAONHOM, to create an image of eating delicious Thai rice snacks that are valuable, easy to eat, have fun and need to reach the target group of teenagers such a concept makes the image of graffiti art and the character of POORBOY, both fun and adventurous, reflecting the energy of the youthful group, got into the top list and become the best choice of Rise Buddy easily

Khun Ton explained the picture of this graffiti event. "The graphics of POORBOY and Rise Buddy will use the characters of many characters, both playful friends from RISE BUDDY and POORBOY that show up to cheerful teenagers, including 2 other friends, BIGTREE, that mention about some friends who are a quiet person but also funny and STRANGER, a new friend who are pretentious, also create a partnership with the target group of teenagers by drawing pictures, inviting them to join us both gestures including the main activities of teenagers today, such as taking pictures on social media."

Both graffiti that is drawn by Khun Ton will show the main atmosphere of fun, whether it is the Chalermla Park, Street ART Graffiti, the famous graffiti center in the middle of the city, and at the grass slope at Food court, the famous community mall where invite teenagers to join poses for a photo shoot with RISE BUDDY and POORBOY LIFE characters. Of course, after taking pictures, collecting fun moments with friends, then Khun Ton also whispered to the teenagers that don't forget to show 'their friendship' to the world or if you want to see the cool pictures of friends, you can immediately search through the hashtag #KHAONHOM.

"One graffiti picture may be able to communicate many meaning with people who look, some people may look at art, but some people may think that it is only the color marks on the wall. Of course, these ideas are difficult to change. But if these works are right place at the right time, these pictures or smears may change into an inspiring place which I hope that all images with POORBOY, including images from the campaign #KHAONHOM, both 2 picture will not just be smudged but it is a picture that make a good inspiration, create fun, create smiles, make friendships for those who look. Just only this, artist will feel happy." The young artist concluded.

More details please follow at IG: @risebuddyth, TW: @RiseBuddyTH and FB: https://www.facebook.com/risebuddythailand/

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