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อสังหาฯ WDC Spends 15 Million Baht to Open New "WDC Showroom (Pattaya Branch)"

WDC Spends 15 Million Baht to Open New

"WDC Showroom (Pattaya Branch)" to Attract Purchasing Power in the East, With Emphasis on the Leader in the Premium Wall and Floor Decorative Materials Import Market

        "Western Decor Corporation" or WDC, an importer and distributor of premium wall and floor decorative materials and sanitary ware invests over 15 Million Baht to open a new showroom in Pattaya despite unfavorable market. To meet requirements of property market and middle-to upper-end customer group, WDC introduces a variety of products including tile, non-tile and sanitary ware under the concept of "The Best Customer Experience" which aims to create customer experience. It focuses on both product variety which meets customer's various needs in term of design, beauty, size and usable space and "One Stop Service."

        Bundit Hirunyanitiwatna, Chief Executive of Western Decor Corporation Co., Ltd., (WDC) discloses that the company this year steps into the 16th anniversary. As an importer of premium wall and floor decorative materials and sanitary ware by sourcing and designing stylish products with unique features and since we are specialized in decorative materials business for more than 16 years and deeply know customer needs, the company can create product differentiation to efficiently meet customer needs, offering our unique design and trendy products with beauty which follow world trend and market trend. The company also offers a variety of products, materials and prices to meet all customer needs as the company imports products directly from many countries in Europe and Asia.

        To expand market, the company invests more than 15 Million Baht to open "WDC Showroom, Pattaya Branch" which is located on Chaiyapruek 1 Road, No. 143/118-122 Moo 12, Nongprue Subdistrict, Bang Lamung District, Chon Buri. The showroom will feature 3 main zones comprising tile, non-tile and sanitary ware with the concept of "The Best Customer Experience" which can help customer not only create an idea for home decoration but also build good experiences towards products. WDC focuses on Product Variety which can meet customer's various needs like design, beauty, size, usable area and budget. In addition, WDC also provides "One Stop Service" which comprises both products that meet requirements and "Decorative Material Consultant" by WDC sales team who has knowledge of decorative materials and can give advice and introduce products to efficiently meet customer's needs, budget and usage.

        At present, WDC has 5 product categories: 1. Tile (ceramic and porcelain) 2. Non-Tile (vinyl, SPC, laminate and engineering wood) 3. Mosaic (porcelain and glass mosaic) 4. Big Slab or large-sized tile (marble tile and quartz stone) and 5. Sanitary Ware (faucet, baht tub, shower and toilet). The best seller in tile category is tile in monochrome colors like grey (both light and dark) and white which are popular among those preferring modern and contemporary style. The best seller in non-tile category is in light brown and grey-brown which feels modern but comfortable look.

        Currently, WDC has a total of 6 branches comprising Crystal Design Center (CDC), Nimitmai, Hat Yai, Chiang Mai, Phuket and Pattaya. It also plans to open the 7th branch to support demand in Bang Na area. The new branch will be located in For You Park project and will be launched in the third quarter of 2020.

        Bundit says WDC applies customer centric strategy to deeply understand customer needs. The company can create product differentiation by developing home decorative materials including floor & wall tile, non-tile and sanitary ware with a variety of product, design, size and tone to meet requirements in all housing styles and customer favors. With more than 15 years of experiences in decorative materials business, WDC can offer "One Stop Service" ranging from products, services and after-sale services.

        "WDC not only boosts a potential in domestic investment but also sees opportunities to expand business and grow in Southeast Asia. We expand to overseas for a long-term growth by opening a branch office in strategic countries like Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines which have a potential for growth. The company also applies over 15 years of knowledge and know-how, skills and competence including management, supply chain and operation processes in decorative materials business with business in overseas," Bundit concludes.

        For architects, independent designers and corporate's designers as well as small and large developers and consumer who are seeking information about wall and floor decorative materials or interested in DIY home design, please visit www.wdc.co.th or contact Call Center at 02-679-8885-7. Or drop by to get good experience at WDC showroom at 6 branches.

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